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ng is awsome

2008-11-04 12:19:09 by gdaul

ice ice baby myrics- boom ice ice baby yo vip lets kick it ice ice baby aiight stop commibreate and listen ice is back with my brand new invention turn of the lights and ill glow to the exteme i light the mic like a vandel light the stage and light he chumps dance speaking h]the boom im killin ur brain like a poisonius mushroom when our players dont melody anything less than the best is a fellony love it or leave it u better gain way like a bullseye tht shit dont playif it was problem yo ill solve it ccheck out the hook while my dj revovles it ice ice baby ice ice baby now tht the prty is jumpin


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2008-11-04 12:27:57

Yeah, it's pretty good :p

gdaul responds:

i know